Xtreme Equity Fund (XEF™)


Business Accelarator Investment Fund - full partnership interaction for risk free value growth 


about XEF


XEF™Xtreme Equity Fund is a private assets management fund with tremendous expertise in aggregating synergetic start-ups and established proven businesses and enabling them for rapid expansion. XEF also manages investments into prime real estate and special asset classes with unique investment returns.


XEF is structured as a business development asset management consultancy working with partner investment funds and VCs who take charge of fund raising while XEF mainly focus on delivering portfolio market share and profitability growth.


XEF prime focus is way beyond helping businesses to raise required financing, much more important is XEF practical expertise in helping to optimise and accelerate business growth and ability to identify right strategic options and opportunities. XEF extensive industry network enables synergies between portfolio companies in turn strengthening the core business of each member company, sweating out each other’s products, services and know-how for mutual market advantage.


XEF is a positive catalyst exploiting the synergies among its carefully chosen portfolio members to make sure they grow as a group for everyone’s benefit – company founders, employees and the portfolio investors.


In technology field traditional supplier-client passive funding model is primarily geared for mid-size companies, driving start-ups into starvation while driving enterprise level businesses having tendency to move towards in-house developed solutions, which most of the time handicaps the operation due to very slow response time of the large organisation. Prime scope of Xtreme Equity Fund in the technology field is to facilitate partnerships via interactive ‘option to invest’ rather than just licence the technology.


XEF is providing a co-op approach between technology developers, service providers and business users on the basis of fund membership rather than the traditional approach of licensor-licensee; Xtreme Equity Fund vision and motto is:


"Full partnership interaction will keep technology and user requirements perpetually in-sync for mutual benefit."


Please do contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you feel you share the same vision, you are welcome to join as a portfolio member or as an investor partner.




XEF™ is a group of affiliated companies including Xtreme Equity Fund SPC, EMEX Management Ltd and EMEX Ltd.

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