Investment Portfolio


Xtreme Equity Fund (XEF) investments are focused on proven opportunities, which are carefully analysed and selected to deliver reliable high return in short to midterm. XEF area of expertise is across several synergetic technology business segments:

  • TVCDN+AI+Blockchain Technology Merger
  • Broadcast and Online Digital Media
  • Unified Content Delivery
  • Special Class IPR Assets


V247 office building 


Technology Sector

XEF investment strategy is to identify right niche players in particular industries with high chance of commercial success based on proven technology and products. XEF either acquires major stake or co-invest together with other partners, including large corporate investors, VC funds or global institutional investors.

On-line video technology investments

Given its expertise, unique part of XEF investment strategy is core media technology companies which together provide the product bouquet covering media industry sector 360 degrees – from content origination, TV playout, linear channels and VOD content delivery to the user apps.

XEF is currently prospecting range of technology companies, which are delivering most advanced solutions for:

  • Online Video Platform
  • Content Delivery Streaming Servers
  • eLearning Platform
  • next generation Social Media Platform
  • Broadcast Cloud services including TV playout automation


Technology Portfolio Companies

XEF is in the process of raising the first round funding for Vision Technologies and Vision247.


Perception apps

Vision Technologies

Vision Technologies is software development IPR holding company and TVCDN cloud service operator incorporated in Fujairah, UAE, with development subsidiary Fora d.o.o in Ljubljana, Slovenia and with sales/marketing HQ in London, UK. The key product is Perception OVP™, the unified OTT video platform which is the only solution on the market to include OTT/IPTV/CDN middleware with integrated TVCDN automation with virtual multicast edge servers, including multiscreen video player apps, subscriber management and credit card payment processing. Perception was the original product which introduced to the market live TV catch-up rewind and cloud network PVR and many other revolutionary features which are now the industry standard.

Key revenues are:

  • On-premise software licence sales (SaaS),
  • TVCDN cloud services subscriptions (provision of PaaS managed service with tremendous growth potential),
  • OTT/IPTV/CDN turn-key deployments.

Please request Vision Technologies Investment Memorandum and visit for additional information.



V247 MCR



Vision247 is a broadcast facility and CDN managed services company with offices in London, UK. Vision247 provides TV studio hire, TV playout, TV signal downlinking and turn-around, signal monitoring, content transcoding and hosting, CDN streaming and provision of custom video player apps.  

Streaming and private cloud content hosting is driven by in-house developed XtremeOVP platform which was launched in 2006 and it is the first and only OVP service based on broadcast time code providing advanced features like TV playout from the cloud with unique forward-TV support in addition to catch-up-TV.

Vision247’s main revenue generating assets are:

  • CDN with 2Tbps dark fibre loop across London connecting in-house data centre and broadcast facility in Chiswick, West London to Telehouse in East London, where Vision247’s collocated core CDN network infrastructure is paired with the largest global internet exchange;
  • IPTV head-end with downlinking teleport;
  • 80 channels TV playout automation;
  • Two TV studios equipped for live broadcast and/or recording (third TV studio is in planning phase to be completed end of Q3-18).

Please request Vision247 Investment Memorandum and visit for additional information.


Digital Media Industry Sector – attractive opportunity for secure equity growth 

Digital Media is the ubiquitous cornerstone connecting consumers with the content including social media elements across all sectors of human activities, private and business. There is enormous momentum on both sides of the equation; users are hungry for new content either for entertainment, education or marketing reasons while the competition is driving operators to keep investing in automation and cost effective infrastructure solutions to deliver the service.

XEF methodically selected the above mentioned companies as its portfolio start point for the reason to provide end-to-end solutions from generating the TV channels, securing the content via modern blockchain DRM and delivering the content monetized by subscription and advertising.

If you are interested to explore investment opportunities in technology segment of XEF portfolio please send us an email request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..